Alive Undead​/​Genophage EP

by Bangover

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Recorded at Warlock Studios 2013


released February 8, 2014


all rights reserved



Bangover UK

We are a thrash metal band from London. We consist of Andreas Morelli (Lead Vocals), Jack Taylor (Guitar + Backing Vocals), Scott Grimble (Guitar + Backing Vocals), Alex Comley (Bass + Backing Vocals) and Marco Remarkable (Drums)

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Track Name: Alive Undead
Risen from the stone
Dwelt so long alone
Ascent from this hellish place
To lore of sacred tomes
Seen with my own eyes
A blackened moonlit sky
A realm not yet born witness to
A freedom so divine

Tomb left behind as I make my way to world anew
Isolation broken, men to meet, I know not whom

Sounds of others draw me to perish the haunting fear
Climb the marble stairway, laughter's echo draws me near
Terror swells with the reveal; creature, shadow bound
Faces drop with fear, I myself hear but no sound
Others flee in helpless fright, prospect of the grave
Beast of horror, live undead, leaves none here to save

I feel it close
The red eyes glow
I stumble thus
And feel it's touch

Feel the glass and see the reflection, the realisation
Feel myself and it all falls into place
The unwholesome revelation
Track Name: Genophage
War driven crime, crossing the line
Wrought in the interest of time
Set to rebel, your rapid quell
Scourge of biological hell
Easy to see, immorality
Cursed with infertility
Numbers are crushed, claimed as a must
Method anything but just

Mutate our genetic code
Reason is all but unknown
Raise us to fight for your war
But we will abide no more
You will all be overthrown
Seeds of destruction are sewn
Limit the count of our race
Chemical war, genophage

The past, the war, engage
Awoken ancient rage
Attempt to buff the cage
To spread the genophage

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